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More than 40 shipped titles in the game industry proves our professional communication, reliability and highly developed workflows.

Creature Factory provides art production and outsourcing services for all currently available platforms. We are frequently contracted to provide digital art services for various kinds of companies, a great variety of projects, and art styles. While the games industry is the company’s focus, it is also involved in virtual projects across industries.

  • High quality, next generation, real-time character & environment creation

  • Smooth adoption of art and design styles for a consistent impression across assets

  • High availability via telephone, email, virtual conference,instand message, or personal meeting

  • Dynamic teamsize optimized for your product scale & deadlines

  • Conceptual and creative design consulting

  • Quality control and project management

  • Comitted timelines

  • Individual pricing

Contact us to learn more about the Creature Factory.


Following highly optimised internal workflows for modelling and texturing in any art style requested.


Professional rigging and animations for your characters and objects. Always following individual needs or special setups.


Conceptual artworks for defining moods or artstyles or just as marketing material.


If inquired we can render marketing artworks or 2D sprites for your project.


Thanks to a great pool of talented artist we can scale up our teams to any size needed depending on your project scope.


You want to develope a prototype or a complete app? Please ask us for individual offers.

  • We at Piranha Bytes put complete confidence into the cooperation with Creature Factory and have found a first class graphics provider for Risen 2 to create the hi-quality characters we requested within all requirements and delivery time.

    Horst Dworczak
    Head of Art Piranha Bytes
  • When hiring Creature Factory you will get a dedicated, goal oriented and reliable contractor with high quality output to enrich your game project while also feeling comfortable about the direct but relaxed contact.

    Jan Theysen
    Managing Associate at King Art Games
  • Creature Factory delivers reliable, technically qualitative and artistically high class assets. Their animalistic works are among the highlights of the Wildlife Park 3 protagonists!

    Arndt Schlichtig
    Managing Director at B-Alive GmbH
  • Creature Factory can be pointed out as a very reliable and enthusiastic contractor which delivered high class 3d models for Risen 2.

    Michael Paeck
    Cliffhanger Productions
  • With Creature Factory you get a flexible, fast and solid graphics provider for your computer game production.

    Stephan Berendsen
    BBG Entertainment
  • If we are in need for high quality 3D assets Creature Factory is the premier source i get in touch with.

    Michael Richter
    Creative Director Art @ Upjers